San Diego Harbor

Wow! This is an amazing video of the san diego harbor! I love this!

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Some of my favorite photographs of San Diego taken by professional photographers!


san diego bridge



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It’s My Own Little World

My name is Sally Sunches, welcome to badfeminist. Badfeminist is going to be my own little world where I write about health, beauty, life, and the city that I love San Diego. I have lived in San Diego for most of my life and I simply cannot imagine wanting to live anywhere else. Now I’ve been to many places all over the world, starting from Paris, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Bejing, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Tehran, Isreal, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Hawaii. And many many more. I’ve ton of great experiences that I would like to share with you all. During my travels I did a lot of community service work and as a result I have become very good with a hammer and tools. So you’ll probably also see me write about home improvement and crafting projects that I have going on.

I always been an avid business reviewer, if I use a company that has provided me with a great service, then I want to let the world know about it! Or if I’ve used a company and they did a crappy job then I want to the world to know about it too.

Sally Sunches

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Why you want to service your heating HVAC system for the winter

Many reasons why you want your hvac heater serviced before winter

Winter brings with it a lot of problems. The colds, poor quality of air and a host of many other problems come with it. To avoid these problems, be sure to curb them by servicing your HVAC system before the ill-fated winter knocks at your doorstep. Here is an outline of the problems good servicing of your system for winter solves…

Chilling and breath-related issues can be solved with hvac

From the toll it is known to take, winter brings with itself a lot of cold that is not good to our body and health. The cold threatens to freeze your blood and exposes you to breathing problems. The only way out is to make sure your Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning system (HVAC) is working properly before winter dawns. call lakeside heating today if you need help servicing your furance or heater.

Staying uncomfortably

During winters, the heating system needs to be optimal functionality to avoid a lot of sucking inconvenience. The only way to maintain an aura of relaxation within your premises is by repairing your heating system early enough to avoid wasting time in the name of looking for a contractor. This preparation for winter also helps you not to throw a lot of money in repairs and replacements; something common during winters.

Overspending on heating

Repairing your HVAC system before winters helps you save a lot of money. HVAC systems are known for their overhead costs (the electricity and gas bills) and winters only rub salt to this wound. The low temperatures associated with winters make the bills to be bloated in order for them to produce the required output. Setting aside a little cash to do maintenance before winters will ensure the heater doesn’t struggle; as well as reducing your expenditures. We at ace heating chula vista can help you save money on your heating bill, call for more information.

Bad air quality

A good functioning HVAC system is the linchpin to maintaining fresh indoor air quality. Oftentimes, winters loads the air inside the house with a lot of micro-organisms – bacteria, viruses etc. These micro-organisms set stage for a lot of infections, especially the lungs. Doing proper maintenance to your system before the winters will help drive away the bad air and keep the atmosphere fresh.

The HVAC lifespan

Giving your system a good servicing increases its lifespan. In winters, the system struggles a lot to maintain the output; this majorly happens if the filters accumulated a lot of dust making the mortar to spend a lot of energy. A contractor coming to remove the dust ensures that it functions optimally and moves an extra mile in life. Call Heating and air conditioning co san diego today for a free estimate. We are open 24 hours a day ready to serve you.


La jolla Plumber Video

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Why You Shouldn’t Ever Hire Unlicensed Electricians

Type of electricians and the work you need done

Depending on what type of electrical work you need done, determines if you need to hire licensed electrician or not. Many times state law may dictate for what and why you need a licensed electrician to avoid potential lawsuits. The best advice is to contact a certified electrician or firm and request a free estimate of your issue before you actually hire someone.

Licensed Electricians

Licensed electricians have many years of work experience before they even qualify to take stat licensing exams.

Electrical Contractor

There is no problem in hiring an electrical contractor as they usually state whether they are licensed or not. If you seek a licensed person then you will only hire one that is licensed.

Electric Repair

If you are a house owner and intend to sell your house, you should always attempt to use a licensed electrician to avoid future costs or future electrical fire risks.


Visit Gforce San Diego Electricians today if you have any questions.

Electrical Maintenance

Electrical maintenance can be found in purchase agreements or by learning in the best guide out there used by electricians who are also learning, “2008 National Electrical Code book”. If you are at all unsure or inexperienced it’s best to hire someone licensed.

The foremost issue in deciding to hire an unlicensed v. licensed electrician are the risks. Consider risks that can cause death, personal injury of self, renters, real estate, surrounding neighbors or other innocent parties. The main point being legally culpable/responsible in a court of law, not to mention human guilt

Whenever something such as electricity comes to mind most people realize there can be deadly injuries and therefore caution is a must. The most logical thing a business or homeowner can do is hire a licensed electrician if at all possible to ensure their safety and for others. Though licensed electricians charge more in the long run, you may save more than foreseen when things go wrong.

It doesn’t hurt to get a free estimate from a licensed professional to compare technical responses with a non-licensed electrician you ask questions from. Risks, everyone takes, when it involves lives, families or lawsuits people usually think twice over.

Some or most states have local codes governing electrical work in order to protect society, sell your home and because you no one wants to live or sleep in an unsafe home or leave their loved ones vulnerable to harm. Hire an electrical expert the money is worth more than risking or losing a life in the long run.

Licensed luxury electrician la jolla are worth their work, education and experience like all other professionals. They chose their profession to provide a service and safety to the public, so why not employ them, just as every person in their profession would like to be employed and help others.

Looking at these web pages can provide information before making a final decision to hire a licensed electrician or not:


Respect for experts in all fields come with the realization after a negative or preventive experience. When hiring an expert for the best potential outcome, one can never be wrong. Call a oceanside residential electrician today for a free estimate on your next project.

La jolla youtube video electrician

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